Best Practices & Data Insights during COVID-19 Crisis

The world looks a lot different than it did just a few weeks ago. We hope for and expect this crisis to be temporary. In the mean time, let us help you understand and optimize the role of the phone in this uncertain time.

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Sales Department

Sales Department

Call volume is down during the COVID-19 Crisis, but people are still calling! And those do call are more valuable than ever because very few people are just kicking tires. So make sure you are 100% fluent in all OEM incentives.

Use the opportunity to focus on outbound sales channels that often go overlooked, such as follow-up to unsold floor traffic, equity mining, and lease retention.

Service Department

Service Department

Service is going to be the primary driver of revenue during the COVID-19 Crisis, so make sure that your processes and staffing reflect that. 

Use service appointments as an opportunity to drive sales revenue through data mining.

Make sure to have alternative appointment options, such as day-time key drops and valet services.

Adjust Your Mentality

Adjusting Your Mentality

During the COVID-19 Crisis, take an informational, relationship building, empathetic approach. Avoid an appointment-based, control-based, hard close approach.

That's a bit different than how many were trained, so we are here to help with specialized scripts. 

Be adaptable, focused, and positive.

Applied Concepts

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